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Note: We’ll be updating more resources and ideas for students as they come in. Be sure to send us your examples, too.

Aspiring journalists and educators can get involved with Sunshine Week by participating in Sunshine Week events, creating their own Sunshine Week activities or by simply taking the time to learn about open government and its importance to democracy. Below are some resources for student journalists at any level who want to learn more.

Student journalists can use materials from the SW Toolkit for their school and campus publications but only during the week of March 13-19. If that coincides with your spring break, let us know and we can help arrange special use permissions. The toolkit includes editorials, opinion pieces and other resources created especially for Sunshine Week 2016. Be sure to also check out’s Idea Bank, Bright Ideas and The Vault, sections which highlight ways to celebrate Sunshine Week.

Lesson Plans, Activities and Events

FOI and Legal Guides
Resources for student journalists on college campuses.