2019 Journalism Wins

We put out the call this year for some successful journalism wins from 2019 that you thought deserved to be highlighted during Sunshine Week 2020. This could include stories of communities helped through journalistic efforts, good accountability work from this past year’s election campaigns’ coverage, or anything that was an example of good journalism having a positive impact. Below are some examples we received that we’d love to share with you.

3/17/20 – The Columbian – In Our View: This type of sunshine is a powerful disinfectant

3/16/20 – Tri-City Herald – Sunshine Week Celebrates Your Right to Know, Guest Opinion

3/15/20 – The Seattle Times – This Sunshine Week, be thankful for TVW

2/24/20 – The Washington State Wire – Q&A: TVW President Renee Radcliff Sinclair on the network’s past, present and Future

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